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META TOPICPARENT name="LinuxCluster"

Batch Services at Nevis

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  This will set the variable $CONDOR_CONFIG to ~condor/etc/condor_config, and add ~condor/bin to your $PATH.

Do you want 10,000 e-mails?

By default, condor will send you an e-mail message as each of your jobs completes. If you've submitted 10,000 jobs, that means 10,000 e-mails. This can clog the mail server, and make your life miserable.

Please place the following line in your condor submit file:

Notification    = Error

This means that condor will only send you an e-mail if there's an error while running the job.


Use the vanilla environment

We have discovered that the vanilla environment described in the Condor manual does not behave exactly as documented at Nevis. The following advice may be helpful:

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