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  You don't have to install conda (or miniconda or anaconda). Conda version 4.6.14 is already installed on every system in the Nevis particle-physics Linux cluster.
What you may have to install for typical scientific research packages is conda-forge:
The default channel you'll probably want to assign for typical scientific research packages is conda-forge:
conda config --add channels conda-forge

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 If you used pip to install a python package within this conda environment, then it might be copied over by this procedure. I've tried it a couple of times; once it worked, another time it didn't.

# See the name of conda environment's you've got
# See the name of any conda environments you've got
 conda info --envs

# Create the new location of the environment if it's not already there.

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 conda remove --name myenv --all

Moving the default environment and package directories

By default, conda stores both its environment directory (variable envs_dirs) and its package directory (variable pkgs_dirs) in your home directory: ~/.conda. As noted above, these directories can begin to take up a substantial amount of space as you continue to work with conda environments.

One solution is to move both of these directories to a partition where you have enough space. For this example, let's assume that you've chosen to store both of these directories within /nevis/olga/data/jsmith/conda (again, this is not a directory that actually exists on any of the Nevis Linux cluster systems).

# Define a handy variable for this operation

# Add the new definitions to ~/.condarc
conda config --add envs_dirs ${prefix}/envs
conda config --add pkgs_dirs ${prefix}/pkgs

# Move the package directory to the new location
# (To move the environments, use the clone recipe above)
(cd ~/.conda; tar -cf - ./pkgs) | (cd ${prefix}; tar -xf -)

# Delete the old package directory
rm -rf ~/.conda/pkgs

Any new conda environments that you create will be in the directory given by envs_dirs.


Conda and pip

Both conda and pip are package managers. It's important to recognize that they are different package managers.

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