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  7/8/22: I did more fitting today with the SED for the power law specifically. Most of my time went into trying to do the XMM data extraction properly because a lot of the data had really bad error. Realized that the correction I was doing was incorrect because I was refitting after setting nH to 0 (to represent the unabsorbed flux) which changes the parameters and therefore makes the correction method ineffective and I also learned that when using wdata to extract the binned data from the spectrum, the "NO NO NO NO NO" represented the dividing line between MOS1 and MOS2 data. As I didn't account for this in what I did yesterday, I had to redo the process and replot the data. Next I plan to try to apply the exponential power law model and then learn to use MCMC to check whether a model fits the data well.
7/11/22: BNL trip

7/12/22: Had the Nustar team meeting and worked on more SED model fitting while trying to learn the MCMC process. I was able to write and debug a code and incorporate the G32.64 data into it. Since it took a long time to run, I had to find a way to run the python code so that it would continue running even when the computer turned off. By the end of the day, was able to get the code to run, but because I couldn't figure out how to run the code in the screen -S method even though I ran it there, no file was outputted the next day.

7/13/22: Started to use the nohup method in the terminal to run the python code and decoded a bit more since with the nohup.out file, I could see the runtime errors occurring in the code. While I waited for the code to run, I read up more on pyplot plotting and the MCMC model along with learning more about the MCMC process by learning about markov chains, the monte carlo method and accept-reject sampling.



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