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  • Click on the "Options" button:
    • Turn off the "Notify after old backups are deleted" option.
    • In the "Exclude these items from backups" panel, please please please add any folders whose contents you could re-download or re-sync if necessary. Examples:
      • iTunes items (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music).
      • iTunes items (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music) or other purchased media files.
      • Cloud services (e.g., ~/Dropbox, ~/Google Drive).
      • Mail folders if you've set your mail reader to download mail for offline reading (e.g., ~/Library/Mail, ~/Library/Thunderbird). Note that this means your other mail settings (e.g., address book, custom spam filters) won't be backed up either unless you tweak the folder exclusion to go down to the profile level.
    • However, these exclusions will apply to your other Time Machine backup(s) as well. If these exclusions are not acceptable for your other backup, then don't exclude them here.
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