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August 2009 System Upgrades

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  • franklin.nevis.columbia.edu, the mail server
  • ada.nevis.columbia.edu, the web server
  • annex.nevis.columbia.edu, the Annex server

Upgrade problems

I've immediately encountered a severe problem with upgrading the Nevis servers: Scientific Linux cannot read the disk-partitioning scheme I've used.

This means that, in order to preserve the /data partition on your system, I have to copy it to another machine, then restore it again. This saturates the Nevis network, and can take a substantial portion of a day.

Please delete anything that you don't need, or can quickly restore, from the /data partition of your server. If you can, please tell me that I don't have to restore your /data partition, or tell me I can delete file left behind by summer student, etc.

Remember, the more you leave on /data, the longer your system's upgrade will take.

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