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 I wanted to generate events for a series of values of Higgs mass. Here are the files: This is my condor job file myjob.cmd. The last line of the job file Queue 10 creates 10 condor jobs. The variable $(Process) runs from 0..9.
initialdir = /a/home/karthur/apenson/testarea/13.0.40/AtlfastII/WprWZqqee_mass
Executable = myjob
Line: 33 to 33

../csc_evgen_trf.py -t 8999 1 $events 54298752 $joboptions_file $intermediate_evgen_file NONE NONE |tee -a evgen.WprWZqqee.${higgs_mass}.log

../csc_simul_trf.py $intermediate_evgen_file $intermediate_hits_file $intermediate_rdo_file $events 0 12 "ATLAS-CSC-01-02-00" 1 2 'QGSP_EMV' 'Calo MuonOffSimulDigitConfig.py' |tee -a simul.WprWZqqee.${higgs_mass}.log ../csc_recoFastCaloSim_IDonly_trf.py $intermediate_rdo_file $output_aod_file $output_aant_file $events 0 "ATLAS-CSC-01-02-00" NONE |tee -a reco.Wp rWZqqee.${higgs_mass}.log
../csc_simul_trf.py $intermediate_evgen_file $intermediate_hits_file $intermediate_rdo_file $events 0 12 "ATLAS-CSC-01-02-00" 1 2 'QGSP_EMV' 'CaloMuonOffSimulDigitConfig.py' |tee -a simul.WprWZqqee.${higgs_mass}.log ../csc_recoFastCaloSim_IDonly_trf.py $intermediate_rdo_file $output_aod_file $output_aant_file $events 0 "ATLAS-CSC-01-02-00" NONE |tee -a reco.WprWZqqee.${higgs_mass}.log
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