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META TOPICPARENT name="AnalogTestboard"

Analog Testboard E149373

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Energy Resolution of large, unsaturated pulse E_OFC_max_ADC1_Channel1_phase4_1x.png E_OFC_max_ADC1_Channel2_phase4_1x.png E_OFC_max_ADC2_Channel2_phase4_1x.png E_OFC_max_ADC2_Channel1_phase4_1x.png
E from OFCs (in ADC counts) vs Pulse Height (in ADC counts) E_Reco_ADC1_Channel1_1x.png E_Reco_ADC1_Channel2_1x.png E_Reco_ADC2_Channel2_1x.png E_Reco_ADC2_Channel1_1x.png
Timing Resolution of OFCs that sample at peak Hist_timing_ADC1_Channel1_phase4_1x.png Hist_timing_ADC1_Channel2_phase4_1x.png Hist_timing_ADC2_Channel2_phase4_1x.png Hist_timing_ADC2_Channel1_phase4_1x.png
Timing Resolution of OFCs that sample just after peak        
Timing Resolution using out of phase OFCs Hist_T_Offset_ADC1_Channel1_1x.png Hist_T_Offset_ADC1_Channel2_1x.png Hist_T_Offset_ADC2_Channel2_1x.png Hist_T_Offset_ADC2_Channel1_1x.png
-- Daniel Williams - 2019-10-03
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