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Create Event Displays

ssh -o PreferredAuthentications =password -L 8080:aiatlas016.cern.ch:80 kalliopi@lxplus.cern.ch


el -e "00300908 200145969" ## OR : el -f eventlist.txt -->prints the GUID
el -e "00300908 200145969" ## OR : el -f eventlist.txt -->prints the GUID OR use https://atlas-event-index.cern.ch/EIHadoop/
  voms-proxy-init -voms atlas

lsetup pyAMI

ami command AMIGetFileInfo -fileGUID=4AA0D82D-602B-E611-A80D-44A8420A8576

lsetup rucio

rucio download data16_13TeV.00300908.physics_Main.merge.AOD.f708_m1606._lb0293._0004.1 #might have to subscribe it to NEVIS_GRIDFTP first


ExtractEvents.py -r 300908 -lb 293 -e 200145969 -i data16_13TeV.00300908.physics_Main.daq.RAW._lb0533._SFO-1._0004.data


acmd.py filter-files -s evt.txt data15_13TeV.00284285.physics_Main.daq.RAW._lb1345._SFO-1._0002.data -o myRawEvent.RAW.data

Reco_tf.py --preExec 'all:jp.Rec.doJiveXML.set_Value_and_Lock(True)' --inputAODFile '/tmp/kalliopi/r00300908_e000200145969.AOD.pool.root' --outputDAOD_TESTFile 'test.root' # OR RAW (InputBSFile) to ESD (OutputESDFile)

use Atlantis to view your event (download it locally from https://atlantis.web.cern.ch/atlantis/, on MAC prefer to launch it from the command line ‘java -Dapple.awt.graphics.UseQuartz=false -jar ~/Documents/AtlantisJava-09-16-05-23/atlantis.jar’ and open the xml)

-- Kalliopi Iordanidou - 2016-07-04


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