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COLUTAv4 Testboard

This TWiki aims to gather all resources regarding the COLUTAv4 ASIC and testboard.

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gitlab.cern.ch/coluta/COLUTA65 COLUTAv4 GUI
gitlab.cern.ch/jgonski/colutaanalysis COLUTAv4 Analysis Software

Board Architecture Documentation

The below table contains documentation for the slice testboard.

Document Description

Board Layout and Schematic

File Description
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COLUTAV4_cyc_tester_schematic.pdf Schematic in .pdf format
COLUTAV4_cyc_tester.pcb Layout in .pcb format
COLUTAV4_cyc_tester.pdf Layout in .pdf format
COLUTAV4_radn.sch Radiation board schematic in .sch format
COLUTAV4_radn.pcb Radiation board layout in .pcb format

PCB Documentation

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File Event, Date
20210819_LArFE_COLUTAV4.pdf LAr Phase II On-Detector/Front-End, Sept 2 2021
COLUTA_LArWeekOct2021_vf.pdf LAr Week, Oct 6 2021
COLUTA_LArWeekMarch2022_v3.pdf LAr Phase II Upgrade Electronics, LAr Week, Mar 16 2022
COLUTAv4_Upgrade_Week_May_2022_Final.pdf LAr Phase II Upgrade Electronics, AUW, May 11 2022

Other Documents

Board Specific Pages

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="4_20_2022_ALFE2_datasheet_0.1_draft.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1650922884" name="4_20_2022_ALFE2_datasheet_0.1_draft.pdf" path="4_20_2022_ALFE2_datasheet_0.1_draft.pdf" size="508092" user="BrianKirby" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="COLUTAV4_radn.sch" attr="" comment="" date="1654293188" name="COLUTAV4_radn.sch" path="COLUTAV4_radn.sch" size="1554453" user="BrianKirby" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="COLUTAV4_radn.pcb" attr="" comment="" date="1654293189" name="COLUTAV4_radn.pcb" path="COLUTAV4_radn.pcb" size="5330430" user="BrianKirby" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="COLUTA_LArWeekMarch2022_v3.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1654712122" name="COLUTA_LArWeekMarch2022_v3.pdf" path="COLUTA_LArWeekMarch2022_v3.pdf" size="3187033" user="GabrielMatos" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="COLUTAv4_Upgrade_Week_May_2022_Final.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1654712223" name="COLUTAv4_Upgrade_Week_May_2022_Final.pdf" path="COLUTAv4_Upgrade_Week_May_2022_Final.pdf" size="17509129" user="GabrielMatos" version="1"
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